What Is Salt Therapy?

For centuries, Russians and Eastern Europeans utilized naturally occurring salt caves to relieve mental and physical discomforts. Our Halotherapy salt rooms mimic this natural therapy.   Halotherapy is an integrative, alternative, no-drug therapy administered in a salt room.  
How it works: 99.9% pure medicinal granular sodium is dispersed into aerosol form and distributed throughout the dry salt room. As you lie back and relax in the zero gravity chairs, you simply, JUST BREATHE in the salt infused air. It is non-invasive, and safe for all ages, including children. In fact, children will love playing in our salt “play room”. 
Dry salt is super-absorbent, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. It acts as a sort of toothbrush for the lungs, loosening mucus and cleansing away bacteria that has built up, while also improving skin’s appearance by boosting its micro-circulation, eliminating bacteria, and supporting new cell production.
What to expect at your first visit to Just Breathe Salt Rooms – After completion of your informed consent forms, you will be given a tour of our salt rooms. You will find the walls and floors of the salt rooms are covered in Himalayan Salt which add ambience and release negative ions into the air for a purifying and relaxing effect. 
Before entering the rooms for your session, you may leave your personal belongings in the designated storage unit. We will provide you with protective disposable booties to wear, to protect our clean salt environment. 
In the Adult Salt Room, adults will relax in comfortable zero gravity chairs with dim lighting and relaxation music.
Adults can accompany their children in the Kids Play Room, while they play in the salt room specially designed for them, similar to a large sandbox.